Monday, December 30, 2013

Friday, November 29, 2013

two days before thanksgiving . . .

You know, sometimes yer driving in the cold pouring rain, minding yer own business and you notice the two black lab pups that you've noticed in their fenced in yard on the side of the road for a few months now, only this time they're on the edge of the road and not in their fence and the mobile home that they belong to is dark and no one is home so you go up the road and turn around and you go back, cause people go fast on this road and those pups are gonna get hit and you pull over and the pups chase yer truck and jump all over you when you open the door and they treat you like family and they follow you when you try to find the gate to their big fence and you finally find it and the bungee cords that used to hold the gate closed til they obviously chewed them up and you put the pups in and go back to yer truck to find more bungee cords and this girl comes out of the mobile home next door and asks you if you caught the pups and you say yes and she thanks you and you tell her to tell the owner to get a chain for the gate and she says thank you again and she's skinny and shivering and yer covered in mud but you find a couple of bungee cords in the truck and you go back and fix the gate . . . for now

Saturday, September 14, 2013

a story i'm working on . . .

In the year 2025, Voyager stopped sending signals back to earth from between the stars and everyone in Los Angeles had run out of gas a few years before. Tiny Martinez ran a livery stable of old race horses that he got for free when Del Mar closed in 2018. He rode the last train down there, saddled up one of the horses and the other 25 followed him up the PCH to his tin shed in the hood. They had no choice but to follow him north to live cause going south meant certain death in the abattoirs in Mexico.

Tiny learned to ride at a camp for hoodlums when he was ten. It was a couple of years before the War of the Gasoline and the school bus would pick him up along with a bunch of other hoodlums who are all dead now and they'd ride way out into the hills to this camp where this white lady, who was famous cause she went to the Olympics on a dapple grey horse named Cyanometer, taught them how to sit proper in the saddle and brush the horses and what to feed the horses and what not to feed the horses - "don't feed them cheeseburgers," she said that a lot.

Friday, September 13, 2013


how blue is the sky today?

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Diplomacy Is Really Hard

cause everyone has to talk to each other . . . oh, and they have to listen too.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Movie Dream 690

Jilted Lover: Elizabeth Taylor

She driving wildly in a 1965 Chrysler with the top down, and she's dripping in furs - a fur hat, and fur coat, but the sun is bright. She's got a gun in one hand and the steering wheel in the other. What is she chasing? A circus caravan and her lover is hiding in the elephant wagon, but she doesn't know that. She's goddamn angry. He said he would let the circus life go on without him, he'd stick around. She was going to leave the doctor and two kids for him. But he left her a Kiss Off note, something about the girl who trained the elephants. The Chrysler is swerving between the wagons, the mules are frightened, Liz is kicking up gravel and honking the horn, and screaming at the top of her lungs. She leaps from the speeding Chrysler with her furs and her gun and the car runs off the road, through a fence and takes a swan dive into a pond. We are under water now, watching the blue car break up into a hundred pieces that settle in the murky depths, the Kiss Off letter drowns in the glove compartment, the ink floats away from the page, they'll never know why Dr. Ryan's wife ran amuck, "She was the prettiest lady in town and he gave her everything a girl could want . . . " Liz is stumbling inside a runaway circus wagon now, the mules heard her shooting, the mule driver is no longer at the reins, she's screaming for the Elephant Girl, where is she?! A little dog in a tutu runs beneath Liz's crazy feet, she falls, she hits her head on a trunk full of clown shoes, the gun slips from her fingers, and the mules keep running and running and running.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Dog Bath as told by Pansy

She took Luna first, Luna fell for it, went straight into the bathroom, on the leash, all while the Big Water was getting bigger, and she shut the door and she can't fool me, she's drowning Luna, even though she's saying Good Girl over and over. The Big Water stops and i sit by the door and sniff underneath and then i see Luna's feet, she escaped! Good Girl, Good Girl. The door opens and Luna runs out shaking the Big Water off in the hallway.
Then she comes for me - she says Good Girl, but i get on the sofa and i turn up my belly and she puts on the leash, Good Girl, Good Girl, she rubs my ears and i know she's going to drown me, so i use my magical powers and i make myself so heavy she can't pick me up, but she foils me and gets me on the floor and i hold on to the floor like glue and then i use my secret weapon on her, i release all my fur all over her. There is a cloud of fur so thick she sneezes and she can't see me get back on the sofa. She gets cookies - Good Girl Good Girl - she's not going to drown me for cookies. i give my cookies to Luna. i hear the Big Water getting bigger. She looks at Boogie, he wants cookies. She gives up, gives him the rest of the cookies and leaves. The Big Water goes silent. I win.