Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Things I am, Wanted to Be, Was, or Will Become...Not In Order

a cowboy
an indian
a veterinarian
an olympic rider
joni mitchell
deborah harry
a marine biologist
a writer
a polo groom
a certain boy's twin sister
a pantry girl
a painter
a fencer
a modern dancer
a paperback writer
an animal behaviorist
an anthropologist
a teacher
the woman who lives in the lighthouse with all the dogs and puffins on the cliffs
a librarian
a marine biologist
a gardener - the kind who defies the elements
a grifter
a cartographer
a data manager -- oh dear
an expat
a turtle expert
a card shark
a surveyor
a hot dog stand girl
a taco stand girl
a back up singer
a rider of the bravest sort
a wife
a beach bum
a mother
a lover
a surfer
good humored
an old woman
which brings me back to the ice cream truck...

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