Friday, September 4, 2009

I Confess

You will not hear me confess much here, so when I do decide to bare my soul every once in a while, you better listen up. I want to confess to the fact that San Jose may play a bigger role in my life than I thought! While never having been there, and never having a desire to go there, San Jose altered the course of my life, not to mentionall of yours as well, many, many years ago. I speak of Silicon Valley...without which we would all still be talking on the telephone, meeting in person, and taking actual pen to paper to carefully and intimately communicate with one another...and then? Then we would walk that lovely walk to the post office early in the morning, with the sound of the train in the distance, and send our thoughts on paper to the ones we loved. But the good geeks of San Jose changed all that - thanks guys!

But Silicon Valley has an even deeper hold on me, one that pays my way everyday in this world. I am married to a systems engineer and he and I work for the smallest of software development small in fact that we are what you call “virtual”...our customers call us from Gotham City, where they are in the deep center of hell, avoiding death by the whims of the market place and they ask us for our support. We kindly oblige from our little house where the dogs are sleeping stretched on the cool tile floor and a red tail hawk is the only thing that strafes our rooftop. The poor sweaty bastards thank us and hang up and return to trade millions and millions of shekels using our software and we, we bask in the distance we can keep from such insane chaos. All thanks to Silicon Valley...

So with that admission, that I am a money changer and somewhat of a mercenary, that I am in fact part of the real life “revenge of the nerds”, I will move on to a completely different subject -- the movie True Stories changed so many things for me when I first saw introduced me to Spaulding Gray for one thing and it made me realize that a movie doesn’t have to make any sense whatsoever, that you can just sit there in the dark and take whatever it has to say as an experience. David Byrne let us into his brain for a little while with that movie, and I enjoyed every damn second of being there...True Stories predicted the coming attractions of the 90's with the keenest of clairvoyance...urban sprawl to the tune of Hey Now! and even Silicon Valley got a big mention.

And here is something veiled as another confession...the character I most related to in True Stories, the one who made me think, "oh shit, that’s me!", was The Lying Woman...she uttered things like “You know, I was born with a tail...had it surgically removed when I was five years old. My mother kept it in a fruit jar.” Take from that what you will...

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