Friday, December 11, 2009

What's Coming

its raining and
its cold
and i know what’s coming
the leaves are finally terminal
they are billowing
taking their last breath in gold
the soybean fields are filled with crackling skeletons
and the roadside is pungent with something akin to wine
i saw the cows facing north today
their heads up, watching and watching
not grazing
the rain rolling down their shoulders
they know what’s coming
i made the long walk
to catch my horse in the field tonight
his copper sides stained dark from the rain
he shivered as i put on his halter
back in the dark barn
i boiled water
poured it over bran and oats
and sticky black strap molasses
and mixed it with my hands
i filled my horse’s bucket
and the steam rose up
around his eyes as he dove in
i leaned on his belly
and licked the molasses off my fingers
as i listened to him eat
i asked him if he knew what was coming?
but he was too busy and too cold to answer
nothing warmer than a horse eating dinner
an owl spent last night
just outside my kitchen window
he flew in at cocktail hour
he seemed to be suffering from a broken heart
cause he played the same tune all night
like his woman had done him wrong
he knows what’s coming
winter’s coming, man, winter’s coming...

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