Friday, January 22, 2010

Rock Fever

There it you see it? There’s Bermuda, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Its easy to miss isn’t it?

Its not in a cluster of islands, it has no clique to hang out with. It is completely alone.

Many don’t realize this. They think Bermuda is in the Caribbean. And its a shock to some when they see where it really is. It boggles the mind really.

Its aloneness makes it unique...its not tropical, its subtropical. The Gulf Stream keeps it from freezing, but I know there were times in the winter there, when the gales blew in, that I was colder than any winter day in Connecticut. The wind rattled the shutters on the house and the damp salt air slept along side you all night.

What is Rock Fever? How can I tell you what it is to live on a 22 square mile island with a population of 75,000 people and feel like you are going mad? You can drive your little car from one end of the island and back again to the other end and then to your lime green house with little furniture on a hill overlooking a quarry on a sunny day and feel as though you got Nowhere.

You can take yourself down to Hamilton for the day and buy the paper and have fish and chips at the Hog Penny and watch the tug boats escort the cruise ships into the harbor and your mind is relieved for an hour or two. But you know you haven’t covered any new territory.

You can walk your dog in every park on the island in a week. You can swim in all the coves and walk all the beaches in a month’s time or so. You can eat in every restaurant and drive down every road and there you have it, you’ve covered it.

You can stand on Spanish Point and feel the sea wind on your face and imagine that you are an explorer with your big black hound dog standing by your side. His nose is raised, as is his tail and his eyes are brilliant in the sun and you both search the horizon for a Spanish Galleon to appear and throw its anchor with a great crash into the depths. You want a hoard of men to row in over the rocks and the reefs and kidnap you and your dog and take you back to America. But no Galleon appears, just clouds parading and parading and parading on their way to Greenland.

Rock Fever afflicts every man, woman and child in Bermuda and Bermudians will be the first to tell you how to cure it. You got to get off dee island. You got to or you will indeed go mad.

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Uncle Kihm said...

I visited Bermuda once, and after a week, I had a feeling of being confined.