Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Albert Camus says...

“The soldiers’ home was surrounded by a big park that was almost entirely neglected. A few residents had taken on the task of caring for some clumps of rose-bushes and flower beds around the building, not to mention a small vegetable garden enclosed by big hedges of dry reeds. But beyond that the park, which had once been superb, had gone back to nature. Huge eucalyptuses, royal palms, coconut palms, rubber trees with great trunks and low branches that took root farther off, thus making a labyrinth of vegetation full of shade and secrets, thick solid cypresses, vigorous orange trees, clumps of extraordinary tall pink and white laurels -- all these overshadowed the secluded paths where clay had swallowed the gravel; nibbling at the paths’ edges were odorous tangles of syringas, jasmines, clematis, passionflowers, bushes of honeysuckles, and the in turn were invaded at ground level by an energetic carpet of clover, oxalis, and wild grasses. To wander in this fragrant jungle, to crawl in it, to snuggle your face in the grass, to cut a passage through grown-over paths with a knife and come out with mud streaked legs and water all over your face--this was rapture”

from The First Man by Albert Camus

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