Thursday, March 11, 2010

Russian Wives

While checking my email today, I found an email, from my address incidentally—how clever of me to include me—with the enticing subject Russian Wives are the Best! apparently.

I had to open it, because I wanted to know why a Russian Wife would be suitable for me and here's what I said to me in my mail: you are my good, my handsome—i am waiting.

I chose not to go any further, this poetry was prize enough.

but I was tempted to respond: i am your good, your handsome—wait for me . . .


T.S. Dogfish said...

I am your good, your handsome -
I will kiss you all over
Your sweaty body
And you will scream out
like an action figure
when the bullets spray
and the music soars.
I will metaphor you mightily
until your similes go all
And shit.

Caitlyn Hentenaar said...

I had a Chinese penpal for a while. She was adorable. I think my favorite sentence she wrote me was "I hope you taste my dumplings."