Thursday, July 22, 2010

dreams--thursday morning, July 22

dream one: i dreamed we were driving along an enormous lake bed in Brazil. The lake was dark azure, perhaps it was a salt lake, it seemed to swallow the light. The wind was blowing furiously. There was a long low glass restaurant, it was something Frank Lloyd Wright would have built, its roof was constructed like a wing, and the lake reflected in the windows. We stopped and looked in the restaurant. It was empty. We took out a map and the wind tried to blow it away, but we held it down on the hood of our lilliputian car. At first, we couldn’t find the lake on the map, we thought we were lost . . . had we left Brazil? We had only a map of Brazil, if we were in Uruguay, we were lost. But then we found the lake on the map, and the road, even a marker for the deserted restaurant. According to the map, there was a series of small towns only a few miles away. We looked toward the south and we could see the glow of lights rising over the high desert hills that surrounded the lake. We were so glad, and hungry. The wind died down and we drove on.

dream two: i rented an apartment in NYC. It was two large rooms with large windows at one end that looked out on a dirty yellow brick landscape. The apartment was not empty. There was all sorts of junk left from previous tenants. Weirdly, or maybe not so weirdly, considering recent events, there were photos of race horses which may or may not have been taken by my father. The front door was almost impossible to figure out. It had so many locks on it. And I kept going to the door and checking it to make certain I had locked all the locks. I sat in the apartment and listened to a couple fighting next door . . . the woman was crying and hollering in Spanish. I regretted renting the apartment, but then I told myself, it will be better in time and with that thought, it was months down the calendar, and I was making breakfast for myself in the apartment. All of the old junk was gone and I had decorated the apartment, it was my home now. I cracked an egg into a small frying pan and looked out the windows, the yellow brick landscape was flooded with sun and the noises of the city made me happy.

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T.S. Dogfish said...

I love the dream landscape; I love dream logic.