Sunday, July 4, 2010


i passed a gorilla
on the side of old route 1
somewhere between cheraw
(the birthplace of dizzy gillespie – says so in the hardees)
and mcbee

he had fiery red eyes
and horrible white teeth
and he was frozen there
with his fists clenched at his sides
his black breast heaved with angry air
he was surrounded by less intense characters
dog-sized elephants, sitting hippos, frogs the size of lawn mowers
a blaze orange horse of normal proportions
despite his preposterous hue
and a winsome giraffe that seemed to summon black birds
to her delicate head to perch

i did not stop to observe the gorilla
instead i pressed on the gas pedal with a bit more urgency
for fear that i might be tempted to load him up in the back of my truck
and bring him home to my garden
where he would frighten my dogs
and make the neighbors talk about me.

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