Sunday, August 29, 2010

Founder's Day

Well, almost.

Time flies, doesn't it? Well, they say it does, when you're having fun. Good readers, my imaginary readers of San Jose, its been far too long since I have reached out to you and expressed my gratitude for your valley of silicon, your shops of coffee, your mild temperatures, your nearness to the Pacific Ocean, your bravery whilst sitting atop the San Andreas Fault, and your good humor towards me . . . yes, I shamelessly use you, and Dionne Warwick, and Burt, oh Burt Bacharach. You, San Jose were founded by the Spanish and this blog? Was founded by ruffians, none other than T.S. Dogfish and Liotta. I have them to thank for this little mess I am in. Yes, good people of the rarely rained upon San Jose, I am up a creek, something we have down here in the South, where yellow-bellied sliders sun themselves on rocks til hound dogs come down the trail noses down intent on possums and fox and raccoons, not caring about some fat sleeping turtles in the middle of the crick, but the turtles slide into the tea-colored water and disappear for a spell while the hounds get on their way, deep into our humid oak forests . . . woops! Where was I? Oh, the mess I'm in!

One year ago, I followed Dogfish and Liotta on a whim. Thought I'd just make a joke of it, ramble incoherently, put songs in your heads . . . oh, I have a song for you today too! Here it is, listen and let it plant itself in your mind for a day or two. Oh! My! I do drift. I had no intention of committing my heart to this space, and despite some of the pain its caused (an angry family member, maybe two, the Starbucks Incident, some badly edited stories put up before their time, accusations of sloth and obsession) it's brought me much needed distraction, something that my elders said I was far too susceptible to for many years, and discipline (dee-ca-pleen!) all at the same time. I managed to write a book a couple of summers ago, and it was really a feat in concentration for me. I shut myself up every afternoon for the entire summer and by Labor Day, I had this thing I had done. I didn't know what to do with it, but there it stood in front of me. As the book makes its way from door to door trying to sell it self, I do this, I bide my time blogging and haunting and haunting and blogging. Its made a better Wolfy of me, but I can't help but feel ambiguous about it sometimes, don't ask me to explain, not now, just read, oh and and watch this!


T.S. Dogfish said...

I am the root cause of your blog? Like the initial infection that leads to gangrene?

wolfy said...

you know, you are the sole catalyst to this whole catastrophe of verbosity.