Wednesday, September 29, 2010


the bbc reported today
that the cossacks are emerging
as a strong political influence
in russia these days
they have reached numbers and strength
not seen since the time of the czars
and president putin welcomes
this growing trend

apparently, they have taken
their horses
their uniforms
their wonderful hats
and their humongous swords
out of storage
and they are proudly
marching and galloping
about the countryside
and in small russian cities

video footage
found the cossacks
participating in their
cavalry games
(terrorist training camps?)
horses heads low and reaching
as they pounded the dusty fields
swinging sabers
beheading unseen enemies
as round faced women in kerchiefs
cooked big pots of stew

seems to me
this could be the wave of the future,
like some weird version
of road warrior
mel gibson galloping into los angeles
on a little ragged horse.

what’s next?

Summer, 2003

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