Monday, September 20, 2010

Faux Haiku for Caitlyn . . .


somewhere below Tribeca
a girl named Rebecca
is texting on the subway

i'm on my way
she says
and hits send

Rebecca's boyfriend Frank
is too busy
to read the message

Frank is in the library
reading a first edition
of The Subterraneans

Some of the pages
have come loose
Frank rearranges them

He likes the book
in the new order
he has given it

Rebecca texts him again
are you there?
Frank where are you?

Rebecca is somewhere
under Little Italy now
the train goes dark


T.S. Dogfish said...

I keep wondering who I sympathize with in this poem: my initial response is to feel sorrow for Rebecca - but then I think of Frank re-arranging the Subterraneans and liking the new order and I fall in love with him.

Caitlyn Hentenaar said...

I love them both. This is wonderful. I wish I was good at poetry.

wolfy said...

i'm not good at poetry either Caitlyn, i just fake it . . . i bet you could fake it too!