Thursday, September 23, 2010

In which I find Hemingway's Lost Stories . . .

Hemingway & Hadley the Forgetful

a dream:

on the subject of Hemingway's lost stories, the ones Hadley left on the train in Switzerland . . . the dream began with my thinking someone should re-write the stories, as an exercise; attempt to write like Hemingway and recreate what those stories might have been (Dogfish! Get on that, okay? or Liotta, but he's AWOL these days) -- then the dream turned into a search for the stories and I was in a train station in Geneva. I spoke to a woman who told me to go see this old watchmaker who had been a train conductor . . . she gave me his name and address. She said he had the stories in a leather satchel. She said he might sell me the stories.

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T.S. Dogfish said...

Poor Hadley - in all my studies of Ernie H. I always come down to the thought that he did Hadley wrong and should never have.