Wednesday, September 8, 2010

It All Began With Intuition (A Facebook Poem . . . with thanks to my friends J. & A.)

J: INTUITION! Yes, I am talking to you, stranger. Look, I will gladly accept the occasional error, but this ignoring me entirely business has got to stop! I'm a woman, for God's sake; you are supposed to be mine! Don't make me give you up for tea leaves, because I will, if you don't start putting out real soon. I mean it.

Some Guy: I'm really pretty sure you are talking to someone else.

J: That was addressed to my M.I.A. intuition, Joel. Lately, it's been like I've lost my sense of smell or something.

S: A woman's intuition occasionally goes on holiday -- because, you see, its a woman too, it needs to lie on the beach and sip something cold preferably with a colorful paper umbrella in it . . . she'll be back, and better than ever!

J: What? This is an outrage! She's drinking cocktails on the beach, and didn't take me with her? I may have to get my hands on a magic eight ball in the meantime, then. Maybe this is an opportunity to diversify my portfolio of bad advice givers.

S: oh dear . . . its worse than i thought . . .

J: A friend declared it Epiphany Day... a good forecast, I'd say! Much more festive than Labor Day is to the somewhat glum underemployed.

S: I just saw Epiphany on the beach with Intuition -- they are drunk and seem to have lost their tops!

A: perhaps S, you may have a hunch where Articulation and Something Interesting to Say went off to as well?

S: Those two? They go on way too many holidays as far as I'm concerned. I think they're in a truck stop in Indiana conversing with some old Navajo woman right now, damn those two, and just when I need them most!

A: so they've been escaping you too? I feel like such a dumbass most the time these days. Silence is a better friend to me. More loyal.

S: Silence is a homebody.

J: Sometimes it is best just to listen. Think of it as a research phase.

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