Thursday, September 9, 2010


* passed a Hari Krishna taking his garbage can out to the end of the temple driveway this morning . . . his robes were creamy saffron and his sandals were autumn brown . . . i wondered what kind of garbage the Hari Krishnas make, i thought they were spiritually incapable of making garbage.

* sometime last week, in the afternoon, the air was as still as a praying mantis

* as i was driving home yesterday, i saw a piece a paper blow across Ben Johnson Road -- it was the first sign of winter, isn't that strange?

* my dog Pansy has been sitting for long periods under the big poplar in the backyard ever since she found a baby squirrel in the yard last weekend. She looks up into the tree tops, she’s waiting for another baby squirrel to fall.

* there are no walnuts this year, not a one . . . this is my tenth autumn in this house, on this hill, and my walnut trees have never been barren . . . how warm will winter be? i wonder

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