Friday, October 1, 2010

How is . . .

How is blogging like having sex in a 1969 baby blue Volkswagen Bug with a six-foot-two bass player? For our purposes here, the Volkswagen will have California plates and be parked somewhere secretive and scenic in, you guessed it, San Jose...but I will confess to you that my experience in this matter involved being parked on Southport Beach in Connecticut in winter time over 20 years ago...okay with those parameters...

1. First and foremost, you must not take yourself too damn seriously -- maintain your sense of humor at all times.
2. Never doubt your ability to get it done -- take it from me, it is totally within your capabilities.
3. Be unafraid - be free within the space you have - the trick is getting from the front seat to the back!
4. Live with the fact that the heat does not always work, there will never be any air conditioning, and the radio is only AM.
5. Shoes must be removed and clothes need to go up front.
6. It is inevitable that someone is going to bump their head - refer back number one.
7. While in the thick of it, honor your passion.
8. Be aware that others are watching - do what you wanna do - but keep in mind that despite the steam on the windows, someone is getting an eyeful.
9. Lingering is not really an option, get what you’ve got to do over with quickly...otherwise somebody is going to end up with a cramp or a blood clot.
10. When you are done, take a walk on the beach!

note: I wrote this last year, September 6, 2009 to be exact, when I was only a few weeks into blogging. I took it down, not long after posting it. Why? I don't know. Tonight I am putting it back up—to honor my passion. The weird part is that it might start a flood of new memories about my dearly missed volkswagen.

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