Monday, October 4, 2010

Late Night Things for Caitlyn

getting up
after i already
turned off the light
to brush my teeth
in the green glow
of the smiley face
night light
i notice
a moth
has settled
on the left
of the smile
i keep brushing
and then i spit
and the moth
a tattoo
on my night light’s
and i hope
he stays there

i get up again
now its 12:01
i seem to
need tea
so i stand
in the dark kitchen
with the
little switch
of the electric kettle
lit in tumeric
there is almost
no moonlight
in the yard
the kettle rumbles
like a little train
and i pour the water
in the cup
and hope
to hell i stop
before it overflows
then what?
i stand there
in my bare feet
and wait
for the tea
to cool
so i can drink
three sips
and go
back to bed

my littlest hound
has a dream
under the bed
at 3 am
she bumps up
through the frame
and the mattress
she yips
like a little wolf
and next thing
i know
she’s awake
and out from under
to shake off
her horrible dream
and ask me
to let her out
we stumble
down the stairs
and i pull back
the sliding glass door
and she trots
out there
the other hounds
wake and now
they are outside too
all three of them
night hunting
i lean
in the doorway
‘no hunting’
i whisper
but they are gone
way out
into the
perrywinkle (ha!)
and i think
of snakes
but its too cold
and dry
for copperheads

4 am
comes with
a myoclonic
my husband
i sit up
and watch him
i touch his shoulder
and wait
there’s more
moon now
and the
pines are up
they are dressing
for work
i think
don’t, please don’t
and he rolls over
and doesn’t
jump again
it was just a dream
he was hunting
with the dogs
that’s all

that’s all . . .

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