Tuesday, October 26, 2010

the yes

absent minded talk with the grocery boy
about the thunderstorm at midnight
and girl dogs . . .
putting zucchini
a single perfect eggplant
in bags

is this dinner? yes
i suppose to myself

i put my hand on a container
of Turkish figs
and decide i need them
more than anything

down near the yogurt
and the tempeh
and the eggs
and glass bottles of
pure white milk
i find myself
out loud
every word
of a Billy Joel song
. . . I need to know that you will always be
. . . The same old someone that I knew

the song comes from somewhere
in the ceiling over the cheeses
of the world
but it also comes from 30
years passed

i answer the Ultimate Yes
and my money goes from
one place to another
and so the girl
hands me the paper bag
tells me good night
she’s lovely
with a diamond in her nose
she’s raven like

i eat a fig in the car
pass the fire station
where a fireman
hoses down a small red engine
the water goes up
like silver fireworks
and shines

there’s a white birch
in an empty lot on King
its become a celebrity
in the high fall light

a bull dog comes up the river bank
bow legged
with a half and half face
the bowsprit of a Mack Truck
he watches me drive by
and he crosses the road
in my mirror

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