Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Dream Number 86

Location:  A Zoo, the Lion exhibit

Weather Conditions: Blinding sun

Cast:      Three teenage boys
              Three lionesses
              No movie stars
             Three teenage girls

First scene:

Three lanky boys are posing for photographs on the edge of the lion exhibit’s pool. The photographer is unseen. I am watching the boys from a pillar -- I think I must be a crow. I wonder who gave the boys permission to be in with the lions.  I imagine the lions mauling the boys, but only briefly. The lions are milling serenely around the opposite edge of their pool, only the water separates them from the boys. They are lionesses, there is no lion. The boys put their feet in the water, they are carrying their shoes. The lions pace the edge of the pool, they are considering swimming, and they seem unconcerned about the boys. One of the boys sits and puts his shoes back on. When he stands, the other two boys join him, they put their arms around each other and they leave the exhibit by way of climbing the concrete wall. One of the lions watches them leave, switches her tail, and then walks into the water of her pool, which is the color of a piece of blue candy. I watch as the other lions disappear into their dressing room, yes, dressing room, that’s what I, the crow, knew it as in the dream. There are no trees, only sky and bone white concrete and the one lion, now, wading, in the pool, up to her chin. Her tail floats.

Second scene:

The lionesses, all three of them come out of the dressing room, they have become girls, two black girls and one white girl. They are beautiful and laughing and wearing dresses and high heels and sunglasses and their teeth are particularly perfect, because after all, they are carnivores. I am still a crow, but now I am sitting on a bench made of stone, watching the girls walk past me. They are happy to be done with work for the day (as lionesses) and they are looking for the three boys.

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