Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Movie Dream Number 35

Locations :      trail on the Little River, Hillsborough, NC
                        cliff overlooking Dead Man’s Brook, Westport, CT

Cast:    Girl on Horse: me
            Horse: Joe
            Missing Woman: Katherine Hepburn
            Orange County Deputy: Randy Quaid

So the  Girl is riding her horse on the river trail, its fall, the poplar leaves are saffron, the oaks are some kind of chili powder red, and the river birches are bone white and naked, leaning over the river, where the sun is playing like a child in the bath with her toy boats. The Girl picks up a quiet gallop and is winding close to the river thinking of busting up the sharp hill ahead, but just before she gets to the base of the hill, an Orange County Sheriff Dept. cruiser comes down the hill and parks. The Girl has never seen a car in these woods, let alone a cop car. She pulls up. The door of the cruiser opens, orange lights are spinning on the roof, and this makes for a weird show in the leaves and on the river. Randy Quaid steps out of the car, he leans back, stretches, and clears his throat. The Girl and the horse stand politely, waiting, as though they have been pulled over for speeding.

Deputy:  Afternoon

The Girl: Yes, afternoon.

Deputy: Have you seen a woman riding through here today?

The Girl: No, but lots of women ride through these woods Deputy.

Deputy: Well, this woman, she’s missing. Been missing since yesterday.

The Girl: Kinda hard to lose a woman on a horse.

Deputy: I agree. But you know, there was that big storm last night.

The Girl: Yop, big storm, wouldn’t have wanted to be riding in that storm. River came up over the banks, see? (Girl points to evidence of the river over running its banks, Deputy nods)

Deputy: Well, we think she got caught in the storm, near the river . . . family’s been real worried.

The Girl: Who is the woman?

Deputy: Katherine Hepburn

The Girl: Katherine Hepburn? The movie actress?

Deputy: Yep, can you imagine an old lady like her, riding a horse out here in a storm?

The Girl: No sir, no sir.

Cut to cliff overlooking Dead Man’s Brook in CT:

The Girl is sitting on her horse, watching two boys playing far below in the brook. They are unaware of The Girl and her horse high above them. She climbs off her horse and leaves him to graze on the cliff and climbs down one side of the cliff, carefully and quietly, pretending she is an Indian. She enters a cave just below the cliff. Half in the sun and half in shadow she watches the boys. There’s a radio in the cave, a man’s voice is speaking: Katherine Hepburn and her horse were found dead in a remote valley this afternoon. It is believed they were hit by lightning in last week’s terrible storm.

The Girl leaves the cave, climbs up the rocky side of the cliff and turns back to see the boys have moved further down the brook -- they have sticks, they are fighting as though the sticks were sabers -- The Girl takes the horse’s reins in hand, and lifts herself back into the saddle. The sun is low, there are steel gray storm clouds to the east, The Girl rides home.

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