Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Walmart Queen

She lit the cigarette and pushed the shopping cart so that it rolled slowly and came to nest inside the cart before it and she thought how nice it was that the shopping carts fit inside one another like that, like the little set of Russian dolls her uncle gave her for Christmas when she was 12, he had just returned from Moscow, something having to do with selling the Russians air conditioning parts, which she never understood cause she thought Russia was always cold, like when she saw Doctor Zhivago it was never sunny or anything, but she was only twelve when her uncle went to Moscow, that was like eight years ago, so maybe there was something she forgot, like maybe it was air conditioning parts for the Russian army when they invaded deserts. So she turned and saw her sister was already in the car, in the driver's seat, even though she told her that there was no way she was driving, but she did it any way, cause she's a pain in the ass little sister and she just got her license and now she thinks she can just drive whenever the hell she wants to, "Tammy I told you . . . " but the windows were rolled up and so it was no use.

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