Monday, December 6, 2010

the Magpie and the Badger

Badger and Magpie occasionally meet for coffee . . .

Magpie: i once had a cell phone

Badger: was it shiny?

Magpie: of course it was shiny!

Badger: where’d you find it?

Magpie: on the seawall

Badger: did you call anyone?

Magpie: yes, yes i did

Badger: and what did they say?

Magpie: she said, “Is that you Frank?”

Badger: and did you reply?

Magpie: i did, i did! i said, “Hola!”

Badger: oh! how exciting! and then what happened?

Magpie: she said, “I thought I told you never to call me again!” and she hung up.

Badger: poor Frank

Magpie: Frank must have been a real loser

Badger: you know what?

Magpie: what Badger?

Badger: I once found an egg timer in a pile of leaves

Magpie: did it work?

Badger: i never tried it,  i don’t really care for eggs

it began to rain, the animals in the street put up their umbrellas and hurried for cover, so Magpie and Badger decided to have another cup of coffee . . .

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Wrinkled Weasel said...

Brilliant. Wind in the Willows is my all time favourite book (took a look at your profile) Great writing.