Friday, December 10, 2010

The Starling and The Kestrel

There’s this wire that stretches down a rural road with a yellow cow pasture on both sides, and every morning the Kestrel and the Starling meet there and converse . . .

Kestrel: new calf born last night . . .

Starling: no kidding

Kestrel: handsome little cuss, stood up on his own within minutes

Starling: don’t blame him in this cold, not with Coyote watching from his Eldorado

Kestrel: yeah -- where did he get the money for that car anyway?

Starling: beats me

Kestrel: so, whad you do last night?

Starling: watched that Bill Murray movie, Lost in Transalation

Kestrel: love that movie, love Johansson’s butt

Starling: man, Kestrel, is that all you think about?

Kestrel: field mice, i think alot about field mice

Starling: that last line got me, how could they end a big Hollywood movie with a garbled last line?

Kestrel: it was supposed to be like that

Starling: it was?

Kestrel: it's a comment on their predicament, man, on the meaningless of their lives, on their isolation, shit, don’t you know anything?

Starling: i know that old lady is putting out birdseed rightabout now, she always puts out birdseed when it gets below 21 degrees

Kestrel: I could eat you, you know

Starling: yeah, but that would just be pointless

. . . that night, the moon was full and the Kestrel went into town. He sat on the big yellow illuminated clock near the court house and watched the animals light the city Christmas tree. He did his best to remember each moment of the night so he could tell Starling about it in the morning.

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