Saturday, December 4, 2010

the wolf and the muse

there once was a wolf who wandered the woods

and there once was a muse who sat in a tree

one day the wolf strolled beneath the muse’s tree and looked up to see the muse, who was smoking a cigarette

‘what are you doing?“ asked the wolf

and the muse shrugged her shoulders and took another long drag on her cigarette

the wolf waited

finally the muse, who was very gregarious, answered, ”i am contemplating a change.“

the wolf sat on her haunches and curled her extraordinary tail around her so that it covered her delicate front paws ”what sort of change might that be?“

”what do you care?“ said the muse, and then she made many smoke rings and finally flicked her exhausted cigarette into the piney woods

”it is most important to me, muse . . . consequences you know, consequences.“ the wolf unfurled her tail and then curled it once again

”wolf, why don’t you go play with the other wolves and let me alone?“

”the other wolves don’t care for me muse“

”oh, that isn’t true, i’ve seen you, out in the meadow, catching mice and stalking caribou . . . “ the muse took another cigarette from her vest pocket and struck a match

”stalking caribou and catching mice is trivial . . . “

”i think you want me to come down out of this tree so you might devour me, wolf“

”you are a silly muse, i only want to walk to town with you and have a sandwich.“

”a sandwich?“

”yes, a sandwich . . . “

”and a cup of hot chocolate?“ the muse put her unlit cigarette back in her vest pocket and leaned down toward wolf.

”what is a sandwich without hot chocolate muse?“

”dreadfully boring wolf, dreadfully boring . . . i’ll be right down!“

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