Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Crow and The Possum

There's this tree and Possum lives in the bottom, sometimes he talks to Crow . . .

Possum: whew, whatta night . . .

Crow: so what's new?

Possum: not the usual near misses, this was extraordinarily stressful

Crow: what happened?

Possum: Coyote . . . need i say more?

Crow: where did he get that car?

Possum: I don't know, but someone needs to take it away from him.

Crow: Well, I stayed up late . . .

Possum: late? what for?

Crow: I read Edgar Allen Poe's great poem about me

Possum: and what poem is that?

Crow: The Crow

Possum: you mean The Raven

Crow: same thing . . .

Possum: nope, nope

Crow: C'mon, Quoth the Crow, Quoth the Raven, same thing

Possum: you're genetically different, its not possible

Crow: I could be a Raven

Possum: no, no you couldn't

Crow: why not?

Possum: the spelling is all wrong . . .

Crow: Quoth the Crow . . . it sounds so much better

Possum: you have a point

Crow: Nevermore! Nevermore!

Possum: do me favor . . .

Crow: what's that?

Possum: don't tell the wife . . . she'll have everybody in a tizzy about the new Raven in town

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