Thursday, January 27, 2011


“Did you hear about the eggs?”

“What eggs?”

“The big eggs at the base of Mt. McKinley.“

”How big?“

”Big as bicycles man.“

”Listen, I’ve got work to do, I don’t have time for this . . .“


”You’re stories, that’s what.“

”No man, this is real. I heard it on the radio.“

”I don’t believe you -- every day you got a new story for me. Go tell one of your little girlfriends, okay? I got a deadline.“

”Suit yourself man, but this could be big.“

He walked down the hall, and Miss Tricia brushed past him, like she does every morning, and this morning she smelled like nutmeg and bourbon. She was wearing a nubby green pant suit, it appealed to him, something about the rough sound it made, made him want to touch her, ”Morning Tricia . . . “ he muttered as he turned the corner into his office.

”Morning Smith, did you hear about the eggs?“ She asked and this drew him backwards into the hall again.

”Not you too Tricia?“ He watched her turn and the sound of her scratchy green suit echoed and made him put his hand to his chin, had he shaved? He couldn’t remember.

”Me too?“

”Lindo . . . he told you about the eggs and you believed him.“

”No,“ she leaned her shoulder against the wall and crossed her right ankle over her left and the green suit sparked and now he could smell the sugar in her coffee, ”I heard it on the radio. They glow.“

”They glow?“

”Yes Smith, that’s how they were discovered -- a pilot saw them from a plane. He almost crashed.“

”Into the mountain?“ Smith moved another step closer.

”They’re as big as . . . “

”Bicycles, I know, Lindo told me.“

”I wish I could go see them, I mean, they could be very important.“ She pushed her glasses up off her face, over her brow, catching her long dark hair, sweeping it so that he could see her ears now, and they were sweet ears, and now he wondered if she could hear the sound her suit made, the rustling of her arms against her own sides as she lifted her coffee not to drink it, but to let the steam of it rise in front of her eyes.

”Important? How could eggs be important?“

”I don’t know, just important . . . historical. Who’s ever heard of eggs that size? Eggs that glow?“

”You and Lindo go see the eggs, report back to me, unless of course you’re eaten by the mother.“


”Somebody had to lay those eggs and well, she’s most likely very large.“

”Oh Smith! I didn’t even think of that.“

”Of course not, it’s people like you and Lindo that get eaten. And people like me who stay home and say, ‘I told them they’d get eaten.’“ He was toying with her now. She lowered the coffee cup and turned her face to look out the window, the sun was pouring in and Smith heard a distant train. ”I’ve got a deadline. I can’t talk about eggs anymore Tricia.“

”Suit yourself Smith. See you later.“ She turned and walked up the hall, the green suit went quieter and quieter.

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Caitlyn Hentenaar said...

”Of course not, it’s people like you and Lindo that get eaten. And people like me who stay home and say, ‘I told them they’d get eaten.’

-Bahahaha :)