Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Rabbit and The Fox

It's late on a Wednesday night and Rabbit is just walking into the bar. Fox is walking out, but stops to talk with Rabbit.

Fox: Where have you been all day? I been lookin' for ya.

Rabbit: In a hole.

Fox: You look kinda shook up.

Rabbit: I do? I thought I'd pulled myself together.

Fox: You're ears are all crossed up.

Rabbit: One of the worst holes I've ever been in . . . jagged rocks, roots everywhere, and an old soup can.

Fox: what kinda soup?

Rabbit: Campbell's Cream of Potato . . . who buys that?

Fox: Badger, he eats that stuff all the time, loves it. But ya know, he's a little slow.

Rabbit: Damn Coyote . . .

Fox: Whadaya mean?

Rabbit: He chased me all over the big meadow this morning in that El Dorodo of his, so I went down the hole. He spent half the day trying to dig me out, so I had burrow. Would you look at my feet?

Fox: Yer a mess alright . . . say, where'd he get that big car anyway?

Rabbit: How the hell should I know? I really need a beer.

Fox: I'll buy ya one. (heads back to the bar with Rabbit) Bartender, a Guinness for Rabbit and a tonic water for me.

Rabbit: Tonic water?

Fox: It's hunting season ya know, trying to keep light on my feet.

Rabbit: Slim and trim, slim and trim, that's you Fox all the way.

Fox: Damn Coyote . . .

Rabbit: What are you cursing him for? He didn't put you in a hole all day . . .

Fox: Yeah, but he's upsettin' the balance of nature around here.

Rabbit: Say, what are you gettin' at?

Fox: I'm just sayin' I'm a predator, he's a predator, there's only just so much prey to go around.

Rabbit: Bartender, make mine a tonic water too.


Wrinkled Weasel said...

Great stuff.

Thomas Venney said...


Thomas Venney said...

The Jackrabbit, which isn't really a rabbit at all, but a hare, is found all over the southwest. There are about four different species of jack rabbit, three of which live in Arizona and New Mexico. They are a good bit larger than a rabbit and don't spend nearly as much time below ground.