Friday, February 18, 2011

The Parrot and the Heron

Mrs. Birdseed’s Green Headed Parrot wasted no time. He went straight to the Pyrancanthus grove near the creek where he had seen the Cedar Wax Wings eating last spring. He watched them through his little window -- they descended on the Pyracanthus full of red berries like an army and decimated the supply, then they packed their khaki pockets and moved on to the next camp. Spring was near, and the Parrot knew the Wax Wings would be coming north any day now. He needed to fill up on the berries and come up with a plan. Only moments after he settled in for his meal did the Little Green Heron arrive, and Green Headed Parrot watched the Heron as he settled onto a mossy rock on the creek’s edge.

Heron: Sorry ‘bout old Mrs. Birdseed Parrot.

Parrot: Thanks Heron. It was nice while it lasted, but the old girl was getting on my nerves you know. What with calling me Peter, never feeding me fruit, and that Chihuahua talked too much.

Heron: How’d she die?

Parrot: Her ticker gave out.

Heron: You gonna stick around here?

Parrot: In this dump? Gets too cold man. Mexico is calling my name.

Heron: That’s a long way, ain’t it?

Parrot: I was thinking of hiring Coyote. You think he’d drive me?

Heron: I think he’d eat you.

Parrot: Not if he knew what I’m worth . . .

Heron: You? Yer a jungle bird who came to town in a broken down van with a load of other jungle birds and a few smelly spider monkeys all bound for the Mexican Flea Market. What could you possibly be worth?

Parrot: Let’s just say Coyote could buy himself a fleet of Eldorados if he listens to me.

Heron: Yer bluffin . . .

Parrot: What am I telling you for anyway? Yer just a small time fisherman and this? This is about Big Fish.

Heron: Nobody messes with Coyote and lives to tell stories about it Parrot.

Parrot: I’m not going to mess with Coyote. I need a ride and he needs a big payoff to get outta trouble.

Heron: Trouble?

Parrot: Coyote’s days are numbered, didn’t  you know that?

Heron: You been in a cage in old Birdseed’s house for two years now, what could you know about Coyote’s fate?

Parrot: Birdseed had gentleman callers for tea some afternoon’s and I heard plenty.

Heron: You don’t say?

Parrot: Listen, I’m wasting my time talking to you. I gotta find Coyote and get this show on the road.

Heron: You think yer just going to fly over to the Lair and order Coyote around? Yer going to need some back up.

Parrot: Oh I got back up . . .

Heron: That’s funny, I don’t see no one with you. You look like a little green parrot to me. You don’t even have a suit case.

Parrot: She’s down in the saloon with Owl right now.

Heron: You mean Polo Pony? Now wait a minute, how do you know Polo Pony?

Parrot: We go waaaay back, Polo Pony and me. All the way back to a certain polo field in Mexico City. She’s my ticket home Heron.

Heron: Oh! fiddle dee dee, I just missed a darter cause of you!

Parrot: Plenty of fish in stream Heron, plenty of fish. Good day now, I got a date with a Polo Pony.

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