Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Gorey Exercise . . .

A is for Angus addled by ardvaarks

B is for Brian belittled by bunions

C is for Carl carried off by cats

D is for David delayed by dingos

E is for Edwina eaten by Enid

F is for Fenella felled by frogs

G is for George garroted by gallinules

H is for Harry harangued by hellions

I is for Isolda intimidated by itinerates

J is for Jarret jostled by jaguars

K is for Keri kicked by koalas

L is for Lisa left by lorries

M is for Matt marauded by mongols

N is for Nate netted by natives

O is for Ophelia ogled by ocelots

P is for Pete pitied by priests

Q is for Quintavia quicked by quarks

R is for Richard ricocheted by rocks

S is for Shannon sacked by solicitors

T is for Tilly torn by tales

U is for Uncas undulated by usurpers

V is for Vincent vilified by vampires

X is for Xlandia crossed by Xavier

Y is for Yolanda yipped by you

Z is for Zara zotted by zealots

1 comment:

Andrew said...

posted by wolfy? Wolfy has been sleeping here, on the bed, for over 3 hours. He is one of my cats. An "unposting" cat at that. So I know he is innocent!