Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Movie Dream Number 865

Night in The Farmers Market

The Milkman -- Gary Oldman
Me -- me
The Horse -- Joe

I ride Joe through the summer night, full of huge old maple trees with weirdly big iridescent green leaves and an unseen moon to the Farmer's Market. There are women everywhere, talking and buying vegetables. They all have long dark hair.  I tie Joe to a fruit stand and he pricks his ears, he stands still, but he's nervous. I pat his neck and tell him to wait for me. I walk away from him, not sure if I should leave him, and just when I get to the crates of artichokes, The Milkman taps me on the shoulder and smiles this huge wide smile at me. He wears a crisp white uniform and a cap, with a black brim -- he is every inch a Milkman, except for his unshaven face, which makes me slightly suspicious, I wonder if he knocked the real Milkman unconscious and stole his suit, and his bright white truck, and his milk . . . I briefly see the real Milkman bound and gagged in a warehouse on the wrong side of town, wearing nothing but his bright white briefs.

The Milkman, the one that is Gary Oldman, asks me if I would like to help him deliver milk to the coffee shop and he holds up two metal baskets of milk bottles gleaming with milk, and I am enticed by all this white and by the Milkman's grin. I take one of the crates from him and start to follow him, but I remember Joe and I ask a woman to keep an eye on my horse for me while I help the Milkman. She says she'll be happy to watch my horse. I turn back to see Joe surrounded by dark haired woman and there is panic in his eyes. But I run after the Milkman and now I'm in the coffee shop which is empty except for the barista -- she tells me the Milkman is gone. I run back outside to find the women running through the market with Joe, one woman is on his back urging and kicking him and the other women are running along side hollering for her to jump! Jump the boxes of oranges!

. . .  i wake up

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