Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Snake and The Egg

Snake had eaten eggs before -- many eggs in fact. But none as large as the egg he found near Mrs. Birdseed's abandoned garden. The egg was the size of a loaf of sour dough bread, and Snake knew this because he had eaten such a loaf in a road side ditch on Christmas Eve; a desperate night, with cold rain and a swerving car, Coyote in fact, Coyote in that Eldorado, and just when Snake thought he was beneath the wheels, he dove into the ditch, bounced off a beer bottle filled with mud, and there, to his surprise was a perfect loaf of bread . . .

But this egg, this egg was a puzzle. Snake faced the egg and the egg faced Snake.

Snake: Egg!

Egg: Yes Snake, what is it?

Snake: I am going to eat you . . .

Egg: No yer not

Snake: How do you know?

Egg: I'm far too large for you and besides, I'm waiting for someone.

Snake: Who are you waiting for?

Egg: Wouldn't you like to know . . .

Snake: If you don't tell me, I will eat you.

Egg: Try it

Snake: alright then, I will!

. . . Snake coiled himself around the great egg and turned her upright, so that her fine pointy top reached almost as high at the irises blooming in Birdseed's garden, the ones she planted last fall, the ones she didn't live to see bloom, and Snake opened his great jaw and Egg squealed with delight as Snake pulled back and groaned.

Egg: I told you

Snake: I'll eat you by sundown, by then, I will have figured out a way

Egg: But I'll be gone by then

Snake: Oh, oh no you won't. Whoever comes to get you now will find you in my arms, and they'll run for their life!

Egg: Coyote doesn't run from Snake!

Snake: Aha! Coyote! Your suitor? He's a liar, he won't save you

Egg: But Coyote needs me

Snake: What could Coyote possible need you for?

Egg: I'm the only one who can save him

Snake: Save him? Why would you save Coyote?

Egg: So he can get us back to Mexico . . .

Snake: Us?

Egg: Parrot and Polo Pony and me, Coyote's our only hope and we, are his only hope . . .

Snake: And if I eat you?

Egg: Then Coyote will find you here, with egg on yer face . . .

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