Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Reddi Wip

two canada geese nervously navigate a crooked tannin stretch of water
they want nothing to do with us
or the kingfisher
we meet a man doing old man wheelies on his mountain bike
and his dog, Milkshake
vanilla and foxy
and big of heart
they live in the big old green mobile home
with the gourds in the trees
and the random wind chimes
he tells me about the coyotes
“there’s a pack in the Big Woods
they holler all night, weird damn animals”

the bulldozer
that sits under the collapsed tin roof
of the tobacco barn
is now FOR SALE
It’s the color of an unripe banana
and i wonder if it starts
i’d rather have the baler
that sits under the pin oak

and the big lady,
i mean, the really big black lady
that lives across from the pond
with the caramel chihuahua
she’s got a new barrel
for burning garbage
it’s fantastically painted
red and white
it’s a promotional barrel
of Reddi Wip
I can’t take my eyes off it
like my dog can’t resist the pond
i pull him back to me with the leash
“Can’t you see the NO FISHING sign?
There’s probably alligators in that pond
you can’t swim with alligators.”
He looks at me with that Why?
Why not?

And I wonder if that barrel once held Reddi Wip
how many strawberry shortcakes did it take
to empty that barrel?
What a party that must have been
An endless sea of slightly sweet cream
and all those beautiful fat ladies
apologizing for their below par shortcake
and all those men asking for more
more strawberries
more shortcake
more Reddi Wip outta that barrel
. . . what sweet fires it will burn now
wip cream smoke
wip cream refuse