Sunday, June 19, 2011

Midnight in Hillsborough

I stayed up til midnight in hopes that Zelda and F. Scott might pick me up somewhere down on King Street, but they never showed.

Have you seen Midnight in Paris? If you love Wolfy just a little bit, you'll do her a favor and go see it, and arm yourself with another reading of A Moveable Feast, because you won't get it - oh yeah, if you know your early 20th century writers, knockabouts, and artists, you'll keep your head above water, but if you have Hemingway's book in your back pocket, you'll delight in Gil's slipping through the curtain of time and marvel at his trip. Did I live vicariously through Gil as he handed his novel to Gertrude Stein and shared his angst with Dali and Man Ray? You betcha  . . .

Thank you Woody Allen, thank you.

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