Saturday, September 3, 2011

Here Now

I wonder where the praying mantis I gently carried outside in a coffee can last night is spending her day - she came in through the open porch door during the Braves game, just when the Braves were beginning to lose to the Dodgers and she flitted across the back of the sofa and slapped me in the face before she disappeared somewhere in our music collection. I didn’t get a good look at her, I thought she was a moth and so I shut the door thinking that was the end of any more insect encounters. Some time later I was blogging and still watching the game, which was hopeless for the Braves, and Praying Mantis came up the arm of the sofa like a mountain climber and she scared me out of my wits. I almost threw my laptop to the floor. I shrieked, I actually shrieked and fled. But I returned though, with my sleepy husband for back-up and a coffee can, just the right size to capture her. We found her ascending the table lamp next to the sofa, stopping, rocking to and fro, and then moving up toward the light of the bulb. I asked her most politely to get in the can - she cocked her head and bound right on to the side of the can, good enough for me and we hurried for the door. She stared up at me with those agate eyes, and today I wish I had kept her around a bit longer, she was terribly smart, and one always needs to surround themselves with smart souls.

When my goats arrive in the spring, I have decided to name them after Civil War horses -- I plan to start with two goats, they will be named Cincinnati and Traveller. The herd will grow from there perhaps with Highfly and Firefly . . . we’ll see.

I rode Joe across a different part of the river today, and still we found no water, just a lot of thirsty rocks.

It was cool enough today that I saw the old black lady who lives near the intersection of highways 86 and 57 sitting on her porch - a place that she sits almost all the time when the weather allows. I did not see her blue tick hound. But I did catch sight of a new dog on her porch, something the shade of cadet blue, long in back, short in legs, chihuahua in countenance, and white on the belly. Something is always right with the world when I see that magnificent thin old woman presiding over her front yard.

I bought a green tea pot this afternoon and ingredients for black bean ful, which made an excellent supper. Tomorrow night we’ll have corn and potato curry with lots of cumin seed.

I began taking tumeric capsules for my mysterious case of The Vapors today, they cannot hurt, and they might just possibly help. The bottle makes many promises, and I can only hope that it is being somewhat honest with me.

There is a little crescent moon in a hole in the oak tree tonight.

And there was a cuckoo in the front yard this morning - geez, I hope he didn’t eat my praying mantis . . .

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