Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Pigs & Halos

So today, I'm sitting at the light on Highway 57 and instead of watching for the light to turn, I look up and I see a double halo of contrails round a traveling thunderhead and, well, that was the thing that cured me of my latest sadness . . .

and then, I was filling up the truck with gas and while I'm leaning on the truck watching the black men talk at the end of the day in their blue work shirts, I see the pig truck coming pretty fast up 86 and it hits that right-hand bending turn onto 70 going maybe a little too fast and I see all the pink sides of the pigs in the trailer suddenly press up against the round cutouts in the steel of the truck, they press so hard with the g-force of the turn that their skin bulges through the openings and I swear I could see their long white hairs and they all squealed - yes they squealed, loud, and so loud that everyone at the gas station turned and went quiet and we listened to the pigs holler round the corner and for that instant, I think we all swore off ham and bacon, but the pig truck straightened out and the pigs fell away from the sides of the truck and all that remained of them was that piggy smell, an invisible cloud of pig shit stench, and some diesel exhaust went from black to grey to a white mist that mixed with the faded contrail halo and everyone went back to what they were doing before the pigs made their brief presence known.

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