Sunday, January 8, 2012

Driving The Garbage Around . . .

Sometimes you get to the dump too early, like a half hour early, and the gates are closed, and well, what do you do? You are way out in the country, and waiting by the gate for the nice Norwegian man who manages the dump on Sundays is just silly, so you take your garbage for a drive -- air it out, let it take in some scenery before it meets it's fate . . .

"where should we go?"
"i know! i'll show you the paint donkey i saw in a pasture last week . . ."
we drive past the cows in the field with the mobile home that tilts as though it might topple and we get to the field where i saw the three burros last week, including the paint, and they're gone . . .
"where are they?"
"i don't know . . ."
"maybe you imagined them"
"maybe i did, but we can see the lovely paint pony across the road . . ."
"all is see is an empty field"
we drive on and there in another field is the beautiful paint pony . . . "See?"
"yes, I see"
"we could head out to highway 54, get some coffee at the convenient store."
"that's a good idea, let's do that."
We get out to highway 54 and turn left, a man eyes us from his truck as we turn and we say, "Yeah, we are driving our garbage around, shut up!"
We pass the feed store and turn into the convenient store parking lot, "Park way over there, cause people will talk about our truck full of garbage."
"They'll talk, but will they steal it?"
In the convenient store we buy a bag of popcorn, a cup of coffee, a small bottle of milk, a bottle of water, a lighter, and a mason jar of the local men's club roasted peanuts.
We drive on, it's ten minutes to one, the dump will open then, i take a route that will take us almost that amount of time . . . I think about the horrible old ochre velveteen chair in the back of the truck, "Pop's chair is taking one more jaunt before the end, ey?"
"Did you see that?"
"The green barn? Oh what a terrific barn!"
"No, the orange cable that went under the bridge . . . "
"Didn't you see the green barn?"
"No I was looking at the orange cable."
"I was looking at the green barn."
"That's an ugly house . . ."
"The cows are lying down."
"It's going to get cold and rain tonight."
"We're here!"
"The gate is open!"

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Alec said...

Ha! Driving the garbage around. Only you, Shannon. Really enjoyed this.