Monday, February 13, 2012

How Was Your Day?

so there i am, standing on line in the WSM with a bottle of wine, a bag of peas, some severely fresh fettucine, and alfredo sauce from the deli, and the girl at the register asks the young man buying the big can of Foster's in front of me, "How was your day?" and he says "Well, someone called me a Pharisee at work today" and she says, "WAT?" and i lean in and echo her "WAT?" and the young man repeats, "Pharisee, he called me a Pharisee" and so i repeat, "WAT? He called you a fairy? No way!" and the girl echoes me, "He called you a fairy?" and he says "No no no, he called me a Pharisee, it's biblical" and i say, "Biblical is right!" and the young man explains, "Apparently i was being too much to the letter of the law on this real estate deal - the Pharicees were intensely self-righteous and persnickety about the Law." i unload my groceries on the belt and look at the girl as she rings up the Foster's, "I thought he said Fairy" and she says "so did i," and then i looked at the young man and said, "that has got to be the most obscure insult ever" and the girl said, "i would have said thank you, i would have thought it was a compliment." As the young man walked away, he said, "Well, I'm off to read my Tora."

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