Thursday, April 5, 2012

Checking on a Horse at Night

where is last night’s moon?
driving with the window down
and the rain coming in
half asleep on highway 70
remembering the funeral procession
of a few days ago
right on this hill
we all pulled over
and the cars drifted by
the windows full of sun and black
a train carrying coal 
was it the old man hit by a car in the rain
last saturday? somewhere
somewhere on this road
he was 66
headlights in my eyes
i watch for the walkers
and one materializes
almost like deer
he's carrying a paper bag
and walking the line

i found him way out in the field
down in the grass
in the hot April sun
his nostrils beating
all the signs that we know
taught to us when we were small
what does a sick horse look like?
like this
like this

you cannot sleep on a sick horse
no one can
lights in the barn at midnight
are never right
the horses blink and stir
the taste of camphor
until i find my horse standing at his door
with none of the signs
a pat and a waking dream of the bones
of the old horses,
now buried near a swimming pool

i play the radio on the drive home
the rain is cooler now with the front
they said would come
something makes me stop the car
just before home
a snapping turtle
old as boulders
mouth agape
he’s come out of the river
i leave him scrambling
at the neighbor’s mailbox
supposing he knows
exactly where he's headed

1 comment:

thepoorwayfarer said...

I think the most intriguing line was the one about the bones of horses by the swimming pool. It sticks in my head and I can't stop wondering about it. . .