Thursday, April 26, 2012

Dear Madame

dear madame, yes, you, the professional lawyerly looking madame, wearing the tailored b & w tiger stripe jacket and the tight pencil skirt, with the big brief case slung over your back, and the high-high heels, please, please, don't ever stand in the middle of Churton Street at the intersection of Margaret Lane, near the court house, texting. We all watched you as you stood there, the red light about to turn green and you texted and stood and shook your coiffed head and then took another step, and it was painful to watch, and then your were there on the yellow line and the traffic from Margaret Lane veered around you and then you took another step and i prayed the firehouse wouldn't release it's fire trucks only a few yards away, because i don't think you would have noticed. And just as the light turned green, you took another step and texted some more, and you were barely up on the sidewalk . . . And just when i thought i had seen enough of you, i managed to get behind you in line at the Weaver Street Market and as your groceries are being checked out, you are jabbering away on your bluetooth, and the checker asks you for your member number and you fumble for your wallet - you were completely not present. And I wanted to grab you and tell you to save yourself before it was too late, dear madame, dear lawyerly lady with the tiger print blazer.

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