Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Knowledge of Cows

From today's NY Daily News
A statue is seen among homes devastated by fire
 and the effects of Hurricane Sandy in the Breezy Point section 
of the Queens borough of New York October 30, 2012. 
(photo by Shannon Stapleton/Reuters)
Here in Hillsborough, it's grey, and windy, and cold, oh so cold. The world has gotten very cold, seems like, just over night. I left work this afternoon and drove straight for my horse to find him happy in his green windbreaker on a grassy hill, the wind whipping his mane, his copper colored coat like fire at the end of the day. It was good to see him, and give him his supper and feel somewhat normal even though things are not normal since the hurricane came on land last night, I feel like she changed everything, the game is completely different now. 
Driving home, I stopped at the intersection of Hwy. 57 and the cow farm road I cut through on every day, and a handsome Mexican wheeled around me in his diesel pickup pulling a wooden-slatted trailer loaded with two cows and a calf who couldn't have been more than a couple days old. The calf skidded on the floor boards as the trailer went this way and that way and almost went down, but he righted himself on his mother's hip. This made me mad. And then I pulled out onto Hwy. 57 and a white faced caramel mother cow was standing with her back to the winds that were still blowing even though Hurricane Sandy is a good 700 miles away now, and she was licking the face of her calf, also white faced and caramel and spindly and I wished I was her, I wished I had only the knowledge of cows, and nothing else.

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