Friday, November 9, 2012

Schnauzer In The Window

i had a little time to kill before i went to see my shrink, who was happy to see me when i arrived and said, "oh good, you will be one of the few happy people i see this week after Tuesday . . . " and so i stopped at the Cup-A-Joe in Hillsborough and i masterfully parallel parked on King Street, and just as i was getting out of the truck, i glanced at the funny old white house across the street that is uncomfortably close to the sidewalk, and in the big window was, what at first looked like a rabbit, a very old white schnauzer dog, with the biggest, pinkest ears - ears that were not in any way proportionate to his head, and he was standing on his hind legs on his sofa and looking out at me, with his paws draped over the back of the sofa, like a puppet.  i almost took his picture, but it seemed wrong to take his picture, as though i was peeping, so i went and got my 16 oz. hot chocolate with whole milk but no whip cream to go and when i returned to the truck, there he was again, the rabbit, no the schnauzer, and now i regret not taking his picture . . .

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