Thursday, December 27, 2012

Loose Horse

we watched the races from Santa Anita last night, and something interesting happened in one of the races: a big grey named By By Inheritance, who was not favored to win, broke from the #1 hole side by side with all the other horses, stumbled in his first few strides and dumped his jockey, from there By By Inheritance ran on riderless and quite efficiently passed the field on the inside rail, he was not panicked, but determined, he took the lead and held the lead for the entire race, "winning" by two lengths (not really because he was disqualified with no rider). It was nerve wracking as hell, because a loose horse is always a danger to the rest of the field and to himself, and it was unusual because loose horses don't usually run the race, they go to the outer rail, or trail behind, but this was quite beautiful to see; a horse running his race unfettered by a rider who would have made completely different decisions in strategy to get to the finish line. By By Inheritance's stride was big and game and easy - perhaps, if he runs again, with a rider, the trainer will learn something from seeing his big grey run unhindered - it was something all horseman can appreciate and learn from.

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