Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Car Yard

Carl didn't want to fix that carburetor, his head hurt, instead he decided to shoot squirrels. Leon wouldn't be back for a while, something about his sister falling out the kitchen door last night? Anyway, it was cold, and too early to drink the last of the beer from that case he bought last night, so he got the shotgun and sat on the bumper of Leon's prize possession, a 1981 F250 up on blocks since 1991, and he started shooting at the squirrels that always sat on that pile of old windows behind the shed, but he didn't hit the squirrels, they ran, and he broke the windows instead, shattered glass flew everywhere and the chickens ran into the road, and Carl turned and saw this lady drive by and she slowed down and then she looked sorta, well, scared and she hit the gas, and she disappeared and Carl put the shotgun down. He decided if Leon asked about the broken windows he'd lie and say there was a rabid fox in the car yard and it was chasing the chickens, but then he changed his mind and decided he wouldn't say anything at all, that was always best when it came to Leon and questions.

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