Tuesday, February 26, 2013

the one eyed crow

once upon a time, there was a little black steer and he liked to stand in the daffodil patch, although he didn't know it was the daffodil patch, because it was winter still and the sky was oh so grey and the daffodils had yet to poke through the cold mud and the short grass. The little steer spent most of his day watching the other steers wrestle and bump and eat hay from the big round bales left by the farmer who drove the red truck with the very bad muffler. One day, a crow, a one eyed crow, landed in the daffodil patch and the little steer was quite startled because no one ever approached him and he was even more surprised when the crow spoke to him, "if you stay skinny you'll live a long life little one" said the crow.
"I will?" said the little steer.
"Trust me, stay here and away from the hay, and you'll live to see Christmas." and with that the one eyed crow flew off, threading his way between the power lines and practically splitting a crowd of starlings before he faded into the here-comes-more-rain-sky. The little steer watched the crow disappear and laid himself down like all the other cows when it rains and he wondered and wondered.

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