Wednesday, April 24, 2013

movie dream #865

where:   a street corner in Hoboken, a two story brick building with a pizzeria downstairs and a walk-up apartment upstairs.

when: the early 1990s

who: me, Aidan Quinn, some firemen, the pizza man

i was late, i took the subway, but i was still late, but i had remembered to wear a pretty dress because he said we were going to go out for dinner instead of going downstairs for pizza again and as i was making my way up the stairs to the street i heard sirens, which i didn't think much about, but somebody up on the street yelled down to a guy that was just getting through the turnstile that Danny's was on fire.

so, i started running and when i got there everything was black smoke and the fireman were telling him to jump and there were flames shooting from all the windows of his apartment and some cop told me to stay back, "that's my boyfriend up there," i said.

"i don't care if it's the Pope lady, stay back!"

and so i watched as he crawled out the window over the D in Danny's that was usually lit up in blue neon but it was sort of hanging and busted and everything was covered in black soot including him and he had nothing on but a pair of shorts and the fireman got him to the sidewalk and he was coughing up all this black stuff and the pizza man who was never named Danny kept yelling, "Jesus, Mary and Joseph, Jesus Mary and Joseph, Jesus Mary and Joseph!"

The firemen took him across the street and deposited him on a bench and that's when I went over and I thought the cascades of water from the firetrucks over the black thick clouds of smoke was pretty nice, but it hit me that he was going to have to come live with me now, "Hey! you're here!" he said and he coughed and i sat down on the bench real close to him and put my face against his wet sooty face, "they didn't even give you a blanket," i said.
"you're going to have to live with me now, aren't you?"
"for a while, yeah." and he flipped something back a forth in his hand and it was a big ziplock bag covered in soot and filled with small toy trains.
"your trains!"
"yeah, they're all gone . . . "

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