Monday, April 15, 2013

Movie Dream #932

where: Del Mar on a rainy day

who: me and Tony Curtis

so i got to the races late, but before i went to the windows, i decided i needed a coke, with ice, so i run up the silver stairs to the Jimmy Durante Diner, and there he is, spinning on his stool, in a new shark skin suit that sets off the white of his teeth and the pomade in his hair, "c'mere, c'mere," and i go to him, and he puts a hand on my hip, and i see the half eaten cheese sandwich, he never eats the whole thing, and the empty glass with the ice melted in the bottom, and the cigarette balanced on the edge of the sandwich plate not smoking, but there's a red spark buried deep in the ash and i'm drawn to that spark, "you gotta horse for me today?"
"i dunno, i needa coke . . . "

and then we're in the grandstand and the rain is coming down hard, so hard it's making all the horses look the same, just wet and miserable, with their heads down, their chins to their chests, their ears flat, but one horse breaks away from his pony, and there's all this commotion and Tony says, "look at this, look at this!" and the loose horse savages another horse, the 10 horse, my horse, and he kicks the loose horse, and the railbirds go wild, everybody's fighting in the rain.

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