Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day, this happened . . .

my husband went to tai chi class
and right before he left we watched the Acorn Stakes and Rosie won
and right after he left, i dumped some charcoal in the grill
lit it
the smell reminded me of Compo Beach on the Fourth of July
i went in the house
got the chicken
told the dogs to be good
and waited for the flames to die down and the coals to glow
i poured some wine
i put the chicken on grill and it made a nice cooking sound
the dogs came over, i told them to be good
the thrasher was in the garden and the birds seemed okay with the end of the day
and then there was a pretty terrible ruckus over in the woods,
near my neighbor's fence, but it wasn't their dogs
it sounded like a rabbit screaming, like when my dog killed a rabbit back in March
but it didn't stop
and then a doe, a really big doe came out of the woods opposite from the screaming
and she ran toward the sound
which i thought was strange
but then i thought oh, no - it's her fawn
she tore toward the neighbor's side of my property
i waited
the sound stopped
but the doe came running out and trotted away
with the exact expression of someone mistaken
the chicken was almost done
my dogs wanted to howl
i told them to be good
the screaming started again, but only for a moment
i took the chicken off the fire
and ran out the front door with all my dogs watching from the deck
i ran through the daisies my husband doesn't mow
i looked in the woods
i went back to the house
i watched another horse race and tested the chicken
my dogs began to bark
i went outside and a raccoon was slinking across the yard,
coming from where the screaming had been
i told my dogs to be quiet, be good
the raccoon disappeared down the driveway
the doe returned to graze

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