Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Dog Bath as told by Pansy

She took Luna first, Luna fell for it, went straight into the bathroom, on the leash, all while the Big Water was getting bigger, and she shut the door and she can't fool me, she's drowning Luna, even though she's saying Good Girl over and over. The Big Water stops and i sit by the door and sniff underneath and then i see Luna's feet, she escaped! Good Girl, Good Girl. The door opens and Luna runs out shaking the Big Water off in the hallway.
Then she comes for me - she says Good Girl, but i get on the sofa and i turn up my belly and she puts on the leash, Good Girl, Good Girl, she rubs my ears and i know she's going to drown me, so i use my magical powers and i make myself so heavy she can't pick me up, but she foils me and gets me on the floor and i hold on to the floor like glue and then i use my secret weapon on her, i release all my fur all over her. There is a cloud of fur so thick she sneezes and she can't see me get back on the sofa. She gets cookies - Good Girl Good Girl - she's not going to drown me for cookies. i give my cookies to Luna. i hear the Big Water getting bigger. She looks at Boogie, he wants cookies. She gives up, gives him the rest of the cookies and leaves. The Big Water goes silent. I win.

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